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You are a WEAKER vessel


Dear Sista,

How are you sis? Thriving I believe. In this letter I’ll briefly share with you my thoughts on a particular popular ideology. Though it’s impossible for me to say everything that needs to be said here, I’ll try to cover some ground.

I’m a big believer in the values of equality and equity but I don’t hide behind the deception that the same measure of strength is apportioned to all humans. As much as I don’t celebrate any attempt to put me down or make me feel less in anyway, my commonsense does not applaud the assumption that I am as strong as the average man or woman, neither should yours. In fact, even in the community of women, strength- physical or emotional- is not shared equally across board. So, there is always going to be someone with more and someone with less in the many areas that strength can be operationalized. However, you must note that this disbursement by nature doesn’t make anyone better but only creates an effective ground for complementariness. So yes, I can agree that women are weaker vessels when exclusive attention is paid to the words “weaker” and “vessels”.

Sis, “weaker” is the immediate superlative of the adjective “weak” which is applicable when comparing two things using the same measurement. In this case, it qualifies vessel- an object or container. So, in other words, when our vessels- not content- as women is weighed on the same scale as men’s, we may be judged weaker but definitely not cheaper or empty.

It is sheer foolishness to assume the worth of an item by the size, structure or nature of its container. Plastic may be stronger than glass but that doesn’t make it of greater quality or value. In fact, a glass of champagne is of more value in comparison to an identical glass that contains water. Yet, after a long walk in the scorching sun a glass of water appreciates in value and becomes greatly esteemed above an empty glass. Sis, a weaker vessel is not the abomination, an empty vessel is. Guess what, you are not empty.

It doesn’t matter what you think of your abilities, they are treasures waiting for the right audience and season to be appreciated. So, instead of feeling defeated, focus on staying in shape and branding your content for the “D day”. The responsibility is on you to apply extra caution in all areas of your life for the sake of what you carry. You must reinforce yourself with the right relationships and people that will treasure you and fortify your delicate exterior.

Sis, like a bottle of high-end perfume, you are sweetness packaged in a small fragile vessel and you ain’t cheap or worthless. The deception is to think that you need to feel or look like what you carry, don’t fall for it. When you accept that you are delicate and prone to irreparable damages if not handled with care, you will begin to pay needful attention to the way you treat yourself and the way you allow everyone else to treat you. You won’t let abusive relationships put a crack in you. Sis, see this weakness as  nature’s strategy to ensure that anyone who gains access to the you in you  treats you the vessel with honor and dignity to keep access.

Above all sis, you need enough strength to  sustain excellent delivery.  So, create a pool of human strength around you and draw from them as often as you should. One lesson I have learnt from the virtuous woman is the wisdom of intelligent outsourcing and responsible delegation. In simple terms, embrace help.

I have so much to say to you but I’m sure that to you my thoughts are as clear as day. Let no man –or woman- despise you. You can only be a weaker vessel. Not cheaper, worthless, or empty.

I love you so much. Thrive!

Yours Sincerely,





  1. Beautiful words, it will be pleasant if all women be reminded of this, and likewise men, because appreciation of God given value is applicable to all genders, races and ages.

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