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Dear Sista,

How was your Easter break? Worth the preceding excitement? Well, I trust you made good use of the timeout. I am fine as always and today I write to you on a subject that has refused to leave me.

Some weeks back, I attended a spiritual retreat above my “age grade”. But, though the purpose of my attendance was to serve, I was privileged to learn lessons relevant for both the future and now. One of the many revelations I caught’s the lesson on the womb and the tomb. I must confess that as the teaching leaped out of the convener’s mouth it reached for my spirit and though her teaching focused on a spiritual dimension that resonates with the meeting’s theme, underlying lessons hold much relevance for our daily choices.

Sis, we all have wombs and there is no gainsaying the assertion that, as women, we are life givers by design. Late Dr Monroe once said that the purpose of a thing determines its design. Thus, it can be said that one of the reasons or perhaps, the only reason,  we have wombs is to fulfill the purpose of giving life to new beings- a purpose which most of us successfully fulfill without experiencing miscarriages or  abortions. But beyond this basic interpretation, the womb can be considered as capacity.

The womb is a life-giving capacity possessed by every woman. We are endowed with the capacity to nourish viable seeds including but not limited to visions, dreams, ideas, and hopes to life. More so, we possess the strength to bear these nourished seeds, with commitment, to maturity and deliver them in full course of time. Nevertheless, many women have and are experiencing miscarriages and abortion of visions, dreams, ideas, and hopes. Why? The womb- the capacity- is faulty. Wombs have simply become tombs- where visions, dreams, ideas, and hopes go to die and be buried- a place of stagnation, rottenness and filth usually prepared by bitterness, pessimism, doubt, jealousy, low self-esteem and the likes. Sis, what do you carry- womb or tomb?

Sweet sis, daily we wrestle against forces desperate to reconfigure us and shift us from fulfilling purpose and maximizing our potentials. These forces are sometimes byproducts of the negative energies and tendencies we feed off in our environment or most times, the negativity buried in us. Usually, a combination of both. Nevertheless, there is no excuse to live below the set expectations over our lives. Even where unfavorable past experiences are responsible for this unhealthy reconfiguration, all must be done to undo these experiences and give way to life because without life, growth is impossible.

Dear sista, think and examine yourself. How many personal and external visions, dreams, ideas, and hopes have you successfully carried to term and delivered? In all your relationships, what do you offer- life or death? Do you take full responsibility for projects committed into your hands and execute them or you deal slothfully? How much encouragement do you offer yourself and those around you?

A womb is a yoke of commitment to give life. Womb carriers are thirsty for new projects, growth and development. Even when all is gloom, they always see a ray of hope. With their words and body language they exude life, sweetness and encouragement. They are dogged fighters who don’t hold back in battle nor surrender till victory is won. They are committed nurses who give and give till no more is required.

Sweet sis, who are you? A womb-carrier or a tomb-carrier?

Read, think and grow. I love you

Yours Sincerely,


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