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Dear Sista,

Hello and welcome to the last days of the holy week. As we cast our minds back to the sacrifice of Christ that made us acceptable, I hope you’ll create time to share your faith and testimony with someone. Today I write you on the subject of reading.

As ladies we all have things that make us tick. For some it’s shoes, for others its makeup or jewelry. Well, whatever it is that gets your blood flowing, you may need to reevaluate and embrace a new ideal.

Let me ask; when was the last time you spent money on purchasing a book? When was the last time you took an intentional trip to the bookshop? When was the last time you read a book? Though we have those fancy things that we love and would naturally squander our investments on, we must know that there’s nothing as sour as good looks accompanied by shallowness. Girl, you need depth! I’m not saying don’t feel good about shoes or clothing or jewelry. I feel good about those things too. All I’m saying is that you must place premium on investing in knowledge and self-empowerment through a sustained reading culture. Sis, for a lady like you in a world like ours, ignorance is not an option.

Before you start feeling too guilty, I was neither born nor raised perfect either. Reading used to be something I did for school and sadly, many Africans share a similar experience. When we studied or read or searched for knowledge, it was so we could pass a test in school or at Sunday school. Sincerely, there are lots of gaps when it comes to the reading culture in Africa and we are simply victims of a plague that is yet to be addressed. But for a lady like you in a world like ours, there are no excuses.

This so big yet so small world that we live in evolves so fast that you cannot afford to stop learning. There’s too much knowledge out there to crave for and digest. Too many life-changing and vision-challenging experiences and truths have been inked over the years on pages of paper and you cannot afford to miss out on them. Sis, it’s good to read tweets, Facebook quotes, instagram captions, gossip blogs, newspaper articles, novels and a whole list of others but it is VERY IMPORTANT to read real good books. You need to start investing in books about your interests and books that are totally off course. The key is to be so consumed with curiosity that the desire to know takes you everywhere and anywhere.

Honestly, I cannot explain the feeling I get when I’m in a book store or at a book stand. I just want to buy and buy and buy! In the past months I have read all sorts of written materials on subjects that directly address me and my interests and those that are totally off center. But with every exploration, new knowledge is acquired. I know it’s not enough to simply acquire knowledge, but how do you apply knowledge until you acquire it? Continuous knowledge acquisition is simply a basic pathway to sustainable impactful living.

So sis, hit the book store; online or traditional. BUY your books and start reading. For a start, buy books on subjects that interest you and make sure the books you start with are not so voluminous else, you may lose interest halfway through. Then, set a deadline for finishing the book and devote defined time daily or weekly to reading as it corresponds with the deadline. Keep this process as interesting as you need to and feel free to snack along but make sure you are highlighting and taking notes. Then, don’t forget the pauses. Those are my favorite moments. When a word, phrase, paragraph or explanation leaps at you, don’t rush over it. Stay on it and meditate.

Basically, good books do more than add new words to your vocabulary bank; they open you up to hidden truths. They send you on soul-searching spiritual journeys and put the right fire under you to keep you aspiring and achieving. Good books question your beliefs and values, not to cast them off but, to test their originality and depth. Sis, you just have to be that woman on the loose who is bent on knowing something about everything. You’ve got to build your soul and become a living compendium of knowledge and insight. You’ve got to start now!

So, the next time we see, I’ll be asking “what are you reading?”.  I hope you’ll be reading something tangible.

Remain lifted. I love you.

Yours Sincerely,


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