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Dear Sista,

Gosh sis! Mixed feelings here. Though I look forward to taking a rest and getting refreshed, I’m going to miss writing you. This 3-month communication gap will surely to get to me but I trust you that won’t stop listening to the rhythm of my heartbeat for you.

Sweet sista, this much I leave with you; “yearn for more”. Let your quiet moments be filled with thoughts of expansion and your waking moments with the zeal to burst at seams. I long that there be an awakening within you that though purpose began with you it MUST NOT end with you.

So I pray

That you don’t join them in the cold race of life where everyone is self-centered in their struggles. That beyond yourself, you will reach out to deliver your strength to your generation. That you’ll be so lost in purpose that personal losses are counted gains. That you find peace and satisfaction in feeding others as you have been fed. That unease overwhelms you at every attempt to fill up your barn with knowledge when your neighbor dies of starvation. That you never join the ignorant to demand change but arise to change that which is within your reach.

And pray

That you’ll set yourself free from every enslaving mentality. That you don’t get carried away by the waters of entitlement either. That you believe in yourself enough to pursue and achieve all that you can. That your eyes are open to the opportunities around you. That you create new opportunities for yourself and others. That you never get comfortable till every personal record is broken and your generation’s thirst is quenched by the fountain called you.

I know you have done a lot. I know you are doing so much. Yet, sweet sis, may you be blessed with the uneasiness that stirs men up for more.

However good you are having it, this can’t be it! You can do better.

I love you. Till you hear from me, flourish!

Yours Sincerely,



  1. I love this. Thanks for writing this..More grace..

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