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Not knowing, earlier and divinely, what path in life will bring me to the fulfillment of purpose once bothered me a lot, especially because I have friends whose parents received prophecies about them before they were born. For some, their parents received clear instructions about them and their assignments during conception while others were given divinely allocated names that will set a tone for their course in life. For me however, after extensive research, well, there’s simply no “super story”. No John the Baptist, no angels, no wise men and thankfully, no obvious Herods. But as I grew I came to understand that the recipe for a fulfilling and continuously productive life is not prophecy in itself, for prophecy without corresponding effort will birth nothing.

So, while it’s crucial that you go back to God and understand what His calling for your life is, let’s talk about effort and starting now, from where you are, and with what you have. The truth is that there is so much fruitfulness buried in doing and in doing well whatever it is that your hands find to do. God has already promised to bless and establish the works of your hands, so it is your responsibility to put your hands to work especially since God won’t do for you what you must do for yourself. And the beautiful thing is that you don’t have to start big, you only need to start well, be consistent and continue to upgrade.

To maximize the fruitfulness of effort, here are steps you should consider taking

Identify “X”

“X” is that or are those thing(s) you are naturally good at. It could be anything from administration to thinking. What comes to you easily? For example, if sound ideas come to you naturally or you have a habit of reasoning between-the-lines of popular ideas, you may want to start penning down or recording these “revelations” to be developed into write-ups or materials for speaking engagements. Simply take time to meditate, ask yourself and write down what you are naturally good at; what you can be great at; what you love to do; and what you will do gladly without remuneration.

Test “X”

So that you do not become a victim of unguided self-assurance, test your abilities to know where you stand on a professional level and how much help you will need to get better. Never think of grooming an ability you have not tested and rated. If you skip this level, you may end up making a bad investment and you won’t be able to accurately measure improvement. So the first thing after self-discovery is to do in order to know how much work you will need to be better, who is fit enough to help you develop and  how much time it will take you to become sufficiently equipped.

A safe way to test your abilities/talents is taking up an affordable challenge. Do “X” for the assessment of a selected jury of people with whom you have a close relationship. Their honest review of your performance will enable you to identify the areas where you need work and their critical assessments, coming from a place of love, will not damage your enthusiasm because as your partners through process, they ultimately want the best for you.

Prune and Groom “X”

Now, develop. Pick up your natural abilities and refine them for profitable use. Get professional help and useful materials. Find people who already excel in the areas you are passionate about and research into their story. See what culture and strategies you can borrow from such and add your twist. And as you prune and groom don’t forget to keep doing and keep tracking your progress.

Test “X”, Again!

You have to keep testing and be open to feedback while working on those areas that need work. The more you prune and groom, more the challenges you should take on. You also need to modify your jury. Let people who are unaware of your journey through process rate your level of performance and delivery. Compare all assessments, take notes and work on those areas that need work.

Invent, Re-invent and Diversify

Come up with a new recipe for what you do or revise an existing recipe. Think of new and better ways to do what you do.  Though jollof rice, fried rice, and coconut rice are essentially  made from rice, with different additional ingredients and cooking procedures, the results look and taste differently. So, be creative and flexible.  Sometimes, all you simply need to do is to poshify- package well.

Also, diversify. Lengthen your cords, expand and be versatile with your craft.

Do Not Limit Yourself

This I will stress. DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF. You can have 500 talents and trade effectively with all under God. If He says “you can”, you can. Besides, God won’t give you 10 talents without the corresponding capacity to trade effectively with all. Also, God doesn’t give “common” abilities, He’s too prudent. Everyone may have something similar to what you have but yours was specifically designed by God to meet a specific need. So stop trying to be like, start being you. Carve your niche.

Also, don’t ever put yourself in a box especially for the sake of religious correctness. Always check with God, be open to His alignment and do not limit the scope of your calling. It is  important to note that though it is okay to begin at home, it is ungodly to domesticate a global assignment.

 In conclusion, your effort will continue to reproduce new and better opportunities if it is trailed with excellence and integrity. Referrals thrive on excellence, so pursue excellence. The fecundity of effort is scriptural- he who deals wisely with little will be entrusted with more and a man’s diligence with whatever his hands find to do will position him before great men. So, have relentless faith in God’s deposit within you and let them find expression. Deserve greatness and more by consciously and continuously sowing quality and diligent effort into your areas of core competence.

I love you




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