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Growing up, I got familiar with a saying in my mother tongue about the integrity of pictures and how what you see is what you get but our current reality is far from that opinion. We live in a time where almost everything, from our appearance to our speech, is cloaked with deception. There seems to be a growing culture ... Read More »


Dear Sista, Gosh sis! Mixed feelings here. Though I look forward to taking a rest and getting refreshed, I’m going to miss writing you. This 3-month communication gap will surely to get to me but I trust you that won’t stop listening to the rhythm of my heartbeat for you. Sweet sista, this much I leave with you; “yearn for more”. Let ... Read More »

You are a WEAKER vessel

  Dear Sista, How are you sis? Thriving I believe. In this letter I’ll briefly share with you my thoughts on a particular popular ideology. Though it’s impossible for me to say everything that needs to be said here, I’ll try to cover some ground. I’m a big believer in the values of equality and equity but I don’t hide behind ... Read More »

Butterfly or Moth?

Dear Sista, Happy new month! What a year! Irrespective of your experiences so far, I encourage you to take on the coming days with renewed hopes for better dealings. In this letter, as always, I’m addressing the evolving you and I hope you think through this read. As a teenager, I hated moths. I could never have been offended by ... Read More »


Dear Sista, How are you doing? The first of this letter series will be over in a bit and I have mixed feelings. But I know that you’ve been challenged, inspired and encouraged as I have been and I really cannot wait to hear about your growth experience through this journey. Today, I write to you about you- the palace ... Read More »

Your baby is YOUR baby

Dear Sista, How are you? I’m so sorry I delayed this letter till now. Too many things are fighting for my attention but I’m glad I finally get to write you this one. In this we’ll talk about trusting the magic of your individuality. If you need to write this somewhere and remind yourself every morning, please do. “Even if ... Read More »


Not knowing, earlier and divinely, what path in life will bring me to the fulfillment of purpose once bothered me a lot, especially because I have friends whose parents received prophecies about them before they were born. For some, their parents received clear instructions about them and their assignments during conception while others were given divinely allocated names that will ... Read More »

Movement, Newness, Spice, Flavor… It’s Your Call. Just Keep It FRESH!

something new

Every morning (or so), I wake up with excitement and the thought of something new. Mind you, these thoughts are not always grandiose and remarkably innovative, or necessarily rule-breaking, but they’re usually something different that works for me. At times, it’s as simple as eating something different or cooking my meals using a different approach or switching my bath sponge ... Read More »


let love 1

This piece is a timely memorial to all the gorgeous women across generations who stood their grounds till they were found, and a reminder to the young women weary of the wait and particularly those who have bought into the erroneous dictates of currents trends- civilization- globalization- westernization-Americanization- or preferably, “errornisation”. (Check out Who needs tradition? Not me!)   I ... Read More »

Who needs tradition? Not me!


Rebellious and out of place? Well, meet the emerging me. Honestly, these days, to pick up the pen is to unleash the rebel in me. And believe me, I have tried various- several- different containment strategies but none has worked so far. I’ve tried to train it, tame it, suppress it, choke it, drown it, I even put a lid ... Read More »

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