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I am eternally grateful for the timely wakeup calls I get every time I slip into complacency, at the wake of an achievement. This is not an uncommon practice for ordinary humans like me. Upon achieving a feat, we usually heave a sigh of relief and treat our egos to the buffet of accolades and praises that accompany our success. ... Read More »


Not knowing, earlier and divinely, what path in life will bring me to the fulfillment of purpose once bothered me a lot, especially because I have friends whose parents received prophecies about them before they were born. For some, their parents received clear instructions about them and their assignments during conception while others were given divinely allocated names that will ... Read More »


let love 1

This piece is a timely memorial to all the gorgeous women across generations who stood their grounds till they were found, and a reminder to the young women weary of the wait and particularly those who have bought into the erroneous dictates of currents trends- civilization- globalization- westernization-Americanization- or preferably, “errornisation”. (Check out Who needs tradition? Not me!)   I ... Read More »


Over the years I’ve met quite a number of people. And frankly, a remarkable number of them seemed to be carried away with what they’ve got going-on on their inside that they lose the entire picture of what their outside is supposed to look like. They seemed to be driven by the knowledge of what they carry and their capacity to ... Read More »

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