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Dear Sista, How are you Sis? We’re continuing our journey as regards our relationship with God and today I’m reminding you of one truth we conveniently forget as we journey in faith through life. Your life is not yours! It once was, but it no longer is. It’s quite interesting that we often want to have our cake and eat ... Read More »


Dear Sista, How have you been? I sincerely apologize for standing you up for two weeks now. Though I longed to write, I just couldn’t come through with the letas. Perhaps if I had given myself a little more push, I would have kept the commitment. I am so sorry. It won’t happen again and I will try to make ... Read More »


  Dear Sista, What a week! I’m so excited we are in the 4th quarter of the year. Can you believe it?! We started 2016 just yesterday! How is your week coming? In today’s piece, I simply want to encourage you to always celebrate and never take for granted who you are today because within you lies the potential that ... Read More »


Dear Sista, I trust that you had a great Wednesday! I’ve got to tell you sis, God has been dealing with me on specific issues and though I can’t say I enjoy it, I love it! Like I said in our last letter, “you’ve just got to trust His methods and stay in school. Don’t quit because you don’t like ... Read More »


Dear Sista, How are you? It’s been a productive week for me so far and I’m optimistic that the momentum won’t drop. Today, I’m making good my promise to write you on PROCESS. Now, while I don’t know the particular area of your life in which you are going through process and what the peculiarities are, I’ll just write you ... Read More »


Dear Sista, How has your week been? Trust you are good! Ok sis, let’s get to it. Have you ever been in a season of your life where you just cannot wait to leave and move on to the next? Have you? Well, I’ve been there a couple of times and in fact, I’m in one of those seasons! Sometimes, ... Read More »

The Pain of Growth

Dear Sista, How are you? Sweet sis, you have no idea how deeply I crave to write you every week. I am encouraged by the mutual growth we experience through this journey. Iron, indeed sharpens iron! Thank you for helping me to stay sharpened as I sharpen you week after week. Today, I write you on a pain you must ... Read More »


Dear Sista, I’m so excited! It’s been three months since I wrote you and a lot has happened in that short time. I can confidently tell you that I’m gaining progressive clarity on God’s purpose for my life and increasing confidence to pursue it. In fact, I’ve taken some baby steps in that direction and I’m happily watering those seeds ... Read More »

Hey, Wake Up!

Yes, you! Now, here’s a conversation I’d like to have once and forever cause I’m really tired of having to always explain myself out of or ignore the same crap conversation every time. So let’s just do this once and forever. “Love” demanded that I convene some ladies like myself to start a self-empowerment project and as soon as we ... Read More »


Dear Sista, Gosh sis! Mixed feelings here. Though I look forward to taking a rest and getting refreshed, I’m going to miss writing you. This 3-month communication gap will surely to get to me but I trust you that won’t stop listening to the rhythm of my heartbeat for you. Sweet sista, this much I leave with you; “yearn for more”. Let ... Read More »

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