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Dear Sista,

What a wonderful ride we’ve been on! It is always such a joy to write to you and I hope you’ve been experiencing tremendous growth in all areas of your life as I have. Today we’re discussing the need to be value adders not just for the good of the beneficiaries of our benevolence but importantly, for our own better.

Too many times we miss out on the numerous opportunities around us for personal enhancement and growth because they are often disguised and hidden in the venture of actively investing in and improving other people. It really is not our fault that we are self-absorbed and usually always only looking out for ourselves. We are only victims of the prevailing doctrine of self-centeredness and the wrong teachings about growth that characterize our age. Nevertheless, even if it is only for our sakes, we must be wary of the faulty psychology of inordinate conservation of property- intellectual, physical or otherwise- for retention, and embrace the only true strategy for retention and relevance. Sis, the valid way to truly retain relevance and increase worth simultaneously is to consciously and continuously pour out our contents into vessels of men.

There are basically two sorts of people in the world; the reservoirs and the channels. The reservoirs are hoarders. They think only of themselves and their own. So when they acquire anything, they keep it for their exclusive access. However, because they keep hoarding and receiving without giving out, soon their capacity is filled up. They usually look great and relevant at first but eventually, as time passes, they become stale and loose prominence and are labeled past heroes without present-day significance.

Channels, on the other hand, are active distributors of whatever- knowledge, wealth, service, counsel, etc.- they possess. They are committed to sharing with and enhancing others with whatever has enhanced them. They are usually secured in themselves and not threatened by the potentials and success of others. These people allow goodness flow through them to others and because it flows through them they lack nothing, are ever relevant and never stale. Each time they pour into others, they create room to receive fresh supply.

Sweet Sis, the beauty of life is in mutual exchange and contributions. The lady who will receive help must be a helper, just as she who will experience growth must be committed to the growth of others. We usually receive in the measure we can appropriately appropriate and the moment we lose the sense of effective appropriation and hoard resources, our supply reduces and our capacity limits us. Thus, we must be committed to lifelong human investment.

Sis, be the reason why people upgrade; a significant character in their success story. Don’t be too focused on doing your own thing that you neglect the thing you need to do in other people’s thing. Be honored not intimidated by the thought of raising people greater than you. Joyfully impact even when you are not sure you’ll get significant credit. Celebrate every opportunity to be part of a successful venture even if you are only to work behind the scenes.

Find a project. Find vessels. Create your platforms. Make that call. Send that message. Give that cloth. Start that venture. Share that idea. Offer that help. Make that visit. Pray. Encourage. Whatever you have, whatever you can, just pour.

Newness awaits you. Thrive!

I love you

Yours Sincerely,



  1. Hmmm….Beutiful thoughts.. ‘The lady who will receive help must be a helper, just as she who will experience growth must be committed to the growth of others, Sis, be the reason why people upgrade; a significant character in their success story’. Lovely write up dear…More grace….

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