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Hi there. It’s my first inscription this year and I know I’m several weeks late but I hope you forgive me. And to my male readers who have accused me of reckless abandonment, I am sorry and I am consciously considering your petition for a letter series as well. I really hope you’ll start sending me ideas of what to call it.

Today, I’m launching a campaign against spiders but just so you know, I had nothing against spiders until recently. Although I have never had one as a pet, spiders used to be very cool. Unlike cockroaches, they don’t fly and spread germs everywhere. Spiders are so nice, they don’t even get into your food. Unlike ants, they don’t disturb your pantry and sweets. Unlike mosquitoes, they don’t feast on your blood and they definitely do not give you malaria. Unlike rats and other vermin, they don’t care about your pot of soup, they just want to live with you! Spiders are cool fragile arachnids who simply want to be your roommate. They want to share your life with you, they want to make their home in your house, and they want to be your buddy. However, as harmless as they seem, spiders are not the ideal roommates for anyone because in the sincerity of creating their habitat in your personal space, they leave a mess.

Some weeks back my mum came around and while she helped me with cleaning I complained to her about having major troubles with cobwebs. It had been an exhausting activity for me because the more I removed the cobwebs the wilder they seemed to spring up. Then mum said to me, “you don’t remove cobwebs, you kill spiders”. That was eye opening! Deep down in my heart I knew that that was the logical thing to do but it never really occurred to me until she mentioned it. And for me, that instructive statement cuts across every sphere of my life. And yours too.

We all have “spiders” in our lives. Usually they come as people who just want to be in our company. These people are not parasites. In fact, they are self-sustaining individuals who have the wherewithal to take great care of themselves, but they are drawn to us for reasons we may not even be able to explain. They will depend on you for nothing but companionship. This in itself is not a bad thing, we all crave companionship. However, “spiders” naturally come with a baggage called cobwebs. That’s the world they live in and they have to create that world in your world to become comfortable. Sadly, these “spiders” have to spin their cobwebs of lies, deceit, and other bad behaviors they live in and and unintentionally, they gradually begin to invade and grease the good reputation we have built/ are building for ourselves.

You may be upright and well-behaved but you are also are defined by the company you keep. Interestingly, no one will blame or accuse a spider for making its home in your house but they’ll surely blame you for allowing it. There are people you just need to cut loose. Get rid of those “spiders”. That said, the spider can also be you. Yes, you.

Spiders could be habits and character traits that you condone and excuse. I’ve got my handful of them and I don’t think anyone is immune. These “spiders”, at a glance, don’t seem harmful or immediately consequential but when left over a period of time, they’ll invade your life with a mess so out of control. Reckless spending, negligence, nonchalance, procrastination, and the inability to say “no” are some “spiders” you must rid yourself of.

In the end, don’t forget that lesson is to kill spiders not remove cobwebs so, deal with every negative habit thoroughly. Distance yourself from human spiders whose lives are entrenched in negative drama and news, and kill all character spiders before they mess you up. Note that although we live in a generation where speed is celebrated, we must know and accept the truth that some things take time. Stop looking for the quick fix, deal with your issues and find a permanent solution.

Have a wonderful week. I heart you




  1. Thanks to you. One good lesson I learnt from this is, “you don’t remove cobwebs, you kill spiders”. Thoughtful. More grace

  2. Oso Omolabake O.

    Hmmmmmmm… You don’t remove cobwebs, u kill spiders… In all forms.

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