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Becoming Deborah


I relearned an old lesson today. I have always known that I shortchange myself each time I expect God to come to me or move in a defined way all the time yet, sometimes I still place him in an imaginary box. It is funny how often we do that though. Like a mother will do to her child, we ... Read More »


Dying is one thing and staying dead another. Here I share with you my struggles with death, particularly the incessant tussle between the will to stay dead and the temptation to live again. Death is a scary thing for the timid and uncertain, but for the courageous and discerning, it is only a phase; a dark tunnel that leads to ... Read More »

Hey, Wake Up!

Yes, you! Now, here’s a conversation I’d like to have once and forever cause I’m really tired of having to always explain myself out of or ignore the same crap conversation every time. So let’s just do this once and forever. “Love” demanded that I convene some ladies like myself to start a self-empowerment project and as soon as we ... Read More »