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Dear Sista


Dear Sista, Gosh sis! Mixed feelings here. Though I look forward to taking a rest and getting refreshed, I’m going to miss writing you. This 3-month communication gap will surely to get to me but I trust you that won’t stop listening to the rhythm of my heartbeat for you. Sweet sista, this much I leave with you; “yearn for more”. Let ... Read More »

You are a WEAKER vessel

  Dear Sista, How are you sis? Thriving I believe. In this letter I’ll briefly share with you my thoughts on a particular popular ideology. Though it’s impossible for me to say everything that needs to be said here, I’ll try to cover some ground. I’m a big believer in the values of equality and equity but I don’t hide behind ... Read More »

Butterfly or Moth?

Dear Sista, Happy new month! What a year! Irrespective of your experiences so far, I encourage you to take on the coming days with renewed hopes for better dealings. In this letter, as always, I’m addressing the evolving you and I hope you think through this read. As a teenager, I hated moths. I could never have been offended by ... Read More »


Dear Sista, How are you doing? The first of this letter series will be over in a bit and I have mixed feelings. But I know that you’ve been challenged, inspired and encouraged as I have been and I really cannot wait to hear about your growth experience through this journey. Today, I write to you about you- the palace ... Read More »

Your baby is YOUR baby

Dear Sista, How are you? I’m so sorry I delayed this letter till now. Too many things are fighting for my attention but I’m glad I finally get to write you this one. In this we’ll talk about trusting the magic of your individuality. If you need to write this somewhere and remind yourself every morning, please do. “Even if ... Read More »


Dear Sista, I’m exhausted but it always feels good to write you! Tomorrow morning, one of my soul Sistas will be saying her “I do” before the law in the first of a series of wedding ceremonies that will culminate in a thanksgiving service on Sunday. So, right now, I’m in Lagos- that concrete jungle where hopes and realities fuse ... Read More »


Dear Sista, What a wonderful ride we’ve been on! It is always such a joy to write to you and I hope you’ve been experiencing tremendous growth in all areas of your life as I have. Today we’re discussing the need to be value adders not just for the good of the beneficiaries of our benevolence but importantly, for our ... Read More »


Dear Sista, How was your Easter break? Worth the preceding excitement? Well, I trust you made good use of the timeout. I am fine as always and today I write to you on a subject that has refused to leave me. Some weeks back, I attended a spiritual retreat above my “age grade”. But, though the purpose of my attendance ... Read More »


Dear Sista, Hello and welcome to the last days of the holy week. As we cast our minds back to the sacrifice of Christ that made us acceptable, I hope you’ll create time to share your faith and testimony with someone. Today I write you on the subject of reading. As ladies we all have things that make us tick. ... Read More »


Dear Sista, It has been an exciting week and I trust that all is well with you. Let’s talk. Often times I get dragged into conversations on rape and sexual assault and every time, with insincere curiosity, I’m asked “Who is to be blamed?” especially when two adults are involved. Ridiculous question, right? Well, I don’t know where you stand on ... Read More »

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