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My name is Deborah Adeojo (Ini). I’m a young Christian lady enthusiastic about life, my faith, and the idea of equal opportunities for all. I’m my mama’s only daughter and a sister to two adorable guys. Writing is a functional one of my several hobbies. I sing too! I am not a big fan of structure and I think that over-defining your hobbies places you in a box and stifles creativity. So, when people ask me “what exactly do you write?” I simply say “stuff”. I write whatever gets my attention and whatever is worth the time. I have come to understand that the pen is an effective sword which anyone, once properly trained, can wield and win battles with. So every time I write, I go to war. Sometimes with myself, other times with the society. is the perfect platform for unrestricted expressions. Every piece is pregnant with ideas vibrant enough to open up willing minds to learn, unlearn and relearn. Navigating through the pages is easy and if you are a lady, I strongly recommend Dear Sista to you. And of course, there’s plenty of something for everyone in Inscriptions and SHEmotions. You should also checkout and download Shewrites’ Nuggets.

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Deborah is a Writer|| Public Speaker|| Worship Leader|| Feminist|| and Communications Professional in a  romantic relationship with Jesus. Besides where she writes on faith, life and society, she also runs ALLYreads, a book club for Christian ladies under 40. Deborah is single and she lives in Ibadan, Nigeria.


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