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Dear Sista,
I’m exhausted but it always feels good to write you! Tomorrow morning, one of my soul Sistas will be saying her “I do” before the law in the first of a series of wedding ceremonies that will culminate in a thanksgiving service on Sunday. So, right now, I’m in Lagos- that concrete jungle where hopes and realities fuse into an overpowering signature fragrance- to wait on her as she queens through her line up of events this weekend.
Like  the many choices and decisions we make everyday, in the many facets of our lives, walking down the marital aisle is one with the potential of bringing us to a desired end. But often times we are too focussed on the starting point and the expected end of our many choices and decisions that we loose sight of the several contributions required of us in between. In fact, many of us have assumed a somewhat powerless state inspired by an erroneous  ideology that places us indiscriminately at the mercy of our choices and decisions.
Don’t get me wrong, choices and decisions have consequences but they  impose on us a sense of responsibility. Responsibility not just to own up to the end results but importantly, to make it work.
Sis, we are master builders who must hone the skill of making the most of whatever is at hand. If we can deliver gourmet meals from leftovers and high-class fashion ensembles from hand-me-downs, what can we not do if we make required effort consciously?
My rant is simple, nothing should be left to chance or fate. With every big choice and decision that we make, comes a million more little ones we must to make it work. Any thing can turn out right if you will make an effort for as long as it takes, in all the measures required, and of course, let God do His thing.
Sis, seemingly unprofitable situations can turn out just right! Until your lemonade tastes great, don’t stop adding sugar!
Try. Make. Remake. Try. Thrive.
I love you.
Yours Sincerely,

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